With Körunda as base station you quickly reach half of the Stockholm area.

Stockholm, the capital of Scandinavia offers a rich vacation possibilities and with it's surrounding area a complete experience from shopping to extraordinary nature.

Things to do

Nynäshamn – The charming town of Nynäshamn is located 10 minutes from Körunda, with its wonderful harbor and smell of fresh and smoked fish it’s a delight. In Nynäshamn you also find a fantastic ocean view and ringvägen which follows the coastline. www.visitnynashamn.se

Nåttarö and Landsort – Two fantastic experiences is the islands Nåttarö and Öja with Landsort. With boat from Nynäshamn you within the hour on the each of islands and ready to see the beautiful landscape of beaches, view and nature. www.waxholmsbolaget.se

Skansen – The zoo in Stockholm is a great experience for the younger ones. www.skansen.se

Gröna Lund – The tivoli in Stockholm, lots of rides and fun themes. www.gronalund.se

Tom Tits Experiment – A wonderful experimental experience in Södertälje is tom tits experiment, discover science in a fun way and expand curiosity. www.tomtits.se