Breakfast, lunch, dinner and Business

Sparkling tongue tickler. Amuse your taste buds with a fresh experience in the fine world of gourmet in our beloved restaurants.


Based on classic Swedish dishes, inspired by kitchens throughout the world and solid use of fresh ingredients our head chef Luis with staff invites you to a remarkable evening of taste.

Á la carte. Our restaurant has over 10 years as awarded creations. The inspired 4-meal menu has caused quite a few raised eyebrows of fascination and taste experience. After so many years of prestige, you don’t fuzz with the quality.

Wine, world, wow. Wine is love, wine is art. Our staff has the knowledge, discuss with them, it’s well worth it. After dinner, enjoy the heavy chairs in the grungy bar with a locally brewed beer or a colorful cocktail, simply relax.

The day starts with breakfast from 7 to 9am, weekend 10am. When time for lunch it’s usually 3 dishes, meat, fish and soup of the day. Fresh made bread from our bakery and a fantastic colorful table of vegetables.